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IMPORTANT rules to read :

Please read carefully the Field Day rules, thank you.

Field Day « Only One Earth »

By activating the EPFD, we undertake to respect the area of activity, to take away our waste and to take care of the ecology.

Recommended Materials list

Antenna(s) + Mast + Guy wires + Pickets + Mast / ground support + Coaxial.
Transceiver + Power supply + Microphone + Clock (UTC time).
Electrical generator + Gazoline XX litters / day + Extension cord + Small battery (for RX time).
Computer or Paper EPFD LOGBOOK + Pen + Eraser (or « xls » informatics LOG + PC).
Activity infos on a printed document [Mhz, Activity Title, QSM, Locator, Team (name + QRZ)].
Tent for the material + Tent to sleep + Sleeping bags.
Sun lotion + Repellent lotion + Sunglasses + Flashlight (battery ok).
Camera (batteries ok and memory cards empties) + Tripod for group photos.
Food + Water + Sodas + Cups + Cutlery + Plates + Clothes.
Garbage bags.
You can also download Materials list as PDF file.