Past Field Day

June 29, 2024, 12:00 am UTC to June 30, 2024, 11:59 pm UTC

FD QRZ Leader Team Members
14RC/FD00114RC00114RC001 Stéphane, 14RC002 Carine, 14RC018 Saïd, 14RC025 Pascal
14AE/FD00214AE00214AE002 Nico + familly
14RC/FD00314RC82814RC828 Christophe
14RC/FD00414RC74014RC740 Jacky
19EE/FD00519EE07619EE076 Hein
14DA/FD00614DA02914DA029 Pat
13EK/FD00713EK55513EK555 Joerg, 13EK333 Wolf, 13EK111 Toni, 13EK146 Joe, 13EK266 Thorsten, 13EK013 Juergen, 13EK110 Frank, 13EK102 Erich, 13EK383 Robert
14FDX/FD00814FDX700 14FDX700 Laurent, 14FDX119 Jean-Michel
21EE/FD00921EE10221EE102 Stewe
104FDX/FD010104FDX104104FDX104 Alex, 104FDX102 Robert, 104FDX402 Philippe, 104FDX105 Medhi, 104FDX106 Michel, 104FDX011 Herve
14RC/FD01114RC27514RC275 David
14FDX/FD01214FDX05814FDX521 Jean-Luc, 14FDX167 Eva, 14FDX165 Rudy, 14FDX065 Bea, 14FDX161 Dorota, 14FDX011 Chloe, 14FDX058 John, 14FAC300 Jerome, 14FDX428 Quentin, 14FDX081 Jerome, 14FDX123 Olivier, Anis, Ines
31PAT/FD01331PAT00131PAT001 Jose
45CI/FD01445CI12045CI120 Zdenko, 45CI121 Filip, 45CI777 Vlasto, 45CI984 Sinisa, 45CI155 Slavko
14QRP/FD01514QRP6414QRP64 Jerome
14FS/FD01614FS06414FS064 Jean-Michel
3SKD/FD0173SKD0423SKD042 Luis
13RC/FD01813RC31213RC312 Kay
19RC/FD01919RC15019RC150 Harold
14GB/FD02014GB00114GB001 Jean-Baptiste
4RC/FD0214RC5414RC541 Jose
14FDX/FD02214FDX05014FDX050 Jean-Marie
26FI/FD02326FI42026FI242 Dick
14TW/FD02414TW73514TW735 Omer
14FDX/FD02514FDX83114FDX830 Hervé, 14FDX831 Viviane
34AO/FD02634AO01134AO011 Angel
26RC/FD02726RC40226RC402 Tom
14RC/FD02814RC59014RC590 Claude
14EK/FD02914EK11414EK114 Jean-Claude, 14EK087 Didier, 14EK487 Jerome, 14EK150 Alain, 14FDX287 Stéphane
14MAR/FD03014MAR00814MAR008 Sébastien
14ALD/FD03114ALD3414ALD34 Arno, 14HAM002 Jerome
14RC/FD03214RC06514RC065 Didier
14CF/FD03314CF020 14CF020 Daniel
14FDX/FD03414FDX07014FDX070 Cedric, 14CD01 Delphin
13EK/FD03513EK99113EK991 Tino
44EK/FD03644EK786 44EK786 Nasri
24EK/FD03724EK01124EK011 Gregorio
1FDX/FD0381FDX0111FDX011 Maurizio
14TW/FD03914TW00114TW001 Manu, 14TW002 Stéphane, 14TW003 Nathalie, 14TW005 Lorenzo, 14TW008 Fanny
43DA/FD04043DA12343DA123 Brian
14RP/FD04114RP46214RP462 Christophe, 14RP34 Tom
14MG/FD04214FRS330414FRS3304 Patrice, 14PAT920 Serge, 14FDX099 Stéphane, 14ABC Claude
14RL/FD04314RL00114RL001 Alex, 14RL010 Landry, 14RL016 Marc, 14RL021 Philou, 14RL401 Jean-Ro, 14RL011 GB, 14RL042 Guillaime
14DA/FD04414DA07314DA073 Thierry
14FDX/FD04514FDX44614FDX446 Lolo
161EE/FD046161EE066161EE066 Arek
14RC/FD04714RC55514RC555 Jean
14KCB/FD04814KCB1914KCB19 Yann
14TW/FD04914TW31014TW310 Cedric
47TW/FD05047/13TW66647/13TW666 Alex
26CW/FD05126CW12826CW128 Jake, 26TM140 Trevor
14FDX/FD05214FDX05514FDX055 Eric
332TW/FD053332TW001332TW001 Konannori, 332TW401 Mihaela
14FDX/FD05414FDX07614FDX076 Jean-Claude
14RC/FD05514RC12314RC123 Fabrice
14DA/FD05614DA07314DA073 Thierry
14RC/FD05714RC11614RC116 Nico
163CT/FD058163CT191163CT191 Dean
163W/FD059163W1163W1 Kevin
14FRS/FD6014FRS464114FRS4641 Jean-Marie
14RC/FD06114RC27914RC279 Fred
14VD/FD06214VD00114VD001 Didier, 14VD021 Philippe, 14VD026 Carole, 14VD103 Fred
14MA/FD06314MA0114MA01 Maxime
45CB/FD06445CB22245CB222 Radoslav, 45PAT2011 Matej, 45KCB88 Nikolina
19AT/FD06519AT32119AT321 Harold
161AE/FD066161AE161161AE161 Duane
14FDX/FD06714FDX35914FDX359 Michael
14FDX/FD06814FDX24014FDX240 Ricou Lou Gat
14OMEGA/FD06914OMEGA00114OMEGA001 Thierry
14FDX/FD07014FDX13214FDX132 Juju, 14FDX083 Franck
14PAT/FD07114PAT71814PAT718 Patrick
30RSG/FD07230RSG03430RSG034 Alberto
14UVR/FD07314UVR01614UVR016 Roro

Hello and welcome to

The EPFD competition aims to mobilize as many operators as possible during the last weekend of June. Of course, everyone activates according to the time they have, no obligation to hold the endurance of the full weekend.
The Field Day aims to bring together operators driven by the same passion, around days of activation outdoors, in portable conditions, car stopped, boat.
Same thing for hunters who will try to contact as many FD stations as possible. We hope to have as many teams as possible around the world, to offer a good moment of activation on the frequencies, on this subject, we are counting on you to help us promote the concept.
You will find on this site, all the elements necessary for your registration, we also invite you to contact the team-leaders of your groups who will be able to register you and guide you for the smooth running of the event.
Before starting, however, be sure to read the rules carefully, there are very important points to read and follow, in the event of a breach, you risk disqualification, which would be a bad news for you and for all the stations contacted who would thus be penalized.
73 to all